April 25, 2007

Flip Houses | Dining Rooms

Building Wealth - House Flipping - Dining Room Improvements

To build wealth and retire early, I'm flipping houses. The next room that we worked on making over was the dining room. As you will see by the pictures, we don't use it as a dining room, but more of a sitting, or cigar, room, but I think it was designed to be a dining room.

Room Pre-Flip

The "before" condition of this room was pretty sad, to say the least. As you can see from the picture, it had a lot of promise, but was painted terribly. First, the bottom was kind of a poop brown that played very poorly with the color of the wood floors. Second, the painting in general was terrible. Whoever did the job was in a big hurry. They put only one coat of paint on and were not particularly careful with making sure there was complete coverage. As a result, looking down the wall you could clearly see two different colors on the wall. Finally, there was no shade over the window. With something that big facing the street, window coverings are a must.

There were some good aspects to the room that we wanted to make sure were promoted. First, obviously, was the wood floor. It was a soft wood, reddish brown in color, and in great shape. It was one of the things that originally drew us to the house. Second, the wood border put in around the middle was a nice touch. It cut the walls in half, creating the opportunity for two toned success. Third, the ceiling details made for an interesting look. We may not be able to do much with it, but it provides something interesting.

Room Post Flip

In the after you can see that we completely redid the room. We chose two tones of gray, and painted the trim white. We also ordered some custom window shades that are faux wood. Just a note on the faux wood - if you are going to go with white, don't pay the extra for real wood, because you can't tell the difference, and the faux wood won't fade. You can also see that the white makes the room just pop with energy. The wood stands out more, the trim stands out more, the room is brighter, and just looks better. We thought about doing an epoxy floor covering, but ruled it out.

If you haven't figured out the trick to flipping houses yet, it is obvious from these pictures. Just take something that is ugly and make it pretty. Realized that some people would rather pay for a great looking house than put one together. Do that, and building wealth by flipping houses is easy.

Stay tuned for more updates, as I take you through the updates to the rest of the house and continue to build wealth!

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